B_RIMONB. Rimon Agencies

Since 1988 we design and integrate specialty equipment, for security and field teams:

Command vehicles and mobile communication trailers  for HLS (security) agencies, worldwide:
Turn-key projects include in-house engineering, production & integration of: cellular COWs, covert operations vehicles, mobile bank branches, SWAT trucks, UAV ground centers and logistics, satellite TV News vans, field laboratories, VIP escort vans etc.
Rescue trailers, Energy & Lighting trailers, logistics trailers.

Hybrid energy systems, including AC generating kits, DC generators,
DC energy banks, rugged air-condition kits for combat vehicles and for harsh field missions.

Advanced lighting systems, compact and energy efficient, for field users

B. Rimon Agencies is an official supplier to the Israeli military (IDF), HLS, Police and government agencies.
B. Rimon Agencies is a certified exporter to HLS clients worldwide
B. Rimon Agencies proudly carries an ISO 9001-2015 Certificate of Approval



B. Rimon Agencies ltd

Plant and showrooms: The Rimon House 14 Yad Harutzim St,
P: (+972) 9885-1213
F: (+972) 9885-1076
Email: sales@rimon1.com